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I am pursuing my Master's Degree at Michigan Technological University. My major is Electrical Engineering and specialization is in Power system. I received my Bachelor's Degree from Savitribai Phule Pune University in 2017. Upon graduation I undertook Integrated Automation Training at Larsen and Toubro, Electrical and Automation, where I worked on VFD Panels and also on Scada archotecture and signals of Riyadh Metro Project. After completion of my training, I worked at National Resistors, India, manufacturer of Neutral Grounding Resistors (NGR). I worked as a Design Engineer and my work role was designing and costing of NGRs. I am studying at Michigan Technological university since January 2019.

Project[edit | edit source]

During my undergraduation, I worked on one project. Details about this project is given below:

Project name- Design and Analysis of 1 MVA Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Alternator

This project was a Machine domain project. We designed this machine using Ansys Electromagnetics- 3D Maxwell software and RMXprt Software. We had a profound learning about the use of axial flux machines and how the use of permanent magnets are different than radial conventional machines. With the help of the software used in this project, after analyzing and optimizing, maximum efficiency of this machine could be achieved.

Research Interests[edit | edit source]

My research interest lies in Power and Energy system. Due to increasing demand of power there is need to develop more advanced energy efficient systems. Even if many technologies are being developed, compared to the consumption rate, there is lot to work on. with the use of renewable energy sources as well as proper knowledge of power system, the electricity generation and global electricity markets can be improved.

Current Studies[edit | edit source]

Currently, I am studying about solar photovoltaics technology. With abundant use of conventional energy resources, there is a need to find an alternative to these resources. Solar energy is perhaps emerging and this is a better way to produce electricity than conventional ones. Many technologies have been developed to make use of solar power appropriately. I have decided to work on Floatovoltaics project. These are basically floating PV panels which are installed in the areas of limited land availability.

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