Information Communication Technology is important to our daily living as a human, Through this we can communicate other people that living away from us. As you observe today’s century, there are many differents technologies that we can use in our works. We live now in a world full of social interest because we can work through the use of internet connections. In this century many of students have a internet connections, because even they are in school they can communicate their friends, and if the teachers give a assignments that needed to research they can do their task easier and they don’t have to go in the library and look for a book and find the right page.

As a student I always attach wit lot of essential things in my life, ICT help me for my studies and to communicate other, my family living away from me. Everyday I need a internet connections even I’m in the school because if there are words that I can’t understand, It’s easier to me to research to internet.

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