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My name is Colten Jackson. I'm a college student in Champaign, IL studying mathematics and computer programming. I have previously studied Jazz Theory at Columbia College Chicago and only in the past year changed my focus more towards engineering than music. I'm joining Appropedia because I was ecstatic to find such a concept that already has a significant userbase and want to give as much a helping hand as I can. As I learn more about programming, I hope to help with technical aspects of the sight, until then I will add what knowledge I can.

Interests[edit | edit source]

Programming (currently studying C++, Python and Java, tho that's not to say I'm proficient in any of them). Transhumanism (philosophizing on how to be better humans in this future that surrounds us more-so every day). Swarm-Network projects such as bittorrent, freenet, and the recent Swarm streaming that Adobe was able to pull off.

The summation of my general interests is using technology to better the human condition. That is, reduce poverty and try to have individuals lead more fulfilling lives.

Experience[edit | edit source]

I have experience talking to people and hearing about the fantastic things they're up to with their lives, but besides that there isn't much I've done with myself, yet (emphasis on yet!).