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Empowerment Technology by Jannah Pacana[edit | edit source]

      After a long time have past and now the semester is over, I can still remember my first thoughts about the overall projects. So far, I expected it that it would be hard and stressful but it turns out that it is not that difficult enough for students specifically like me to complete the overall projects. Not difficult enough because we were able to manage the task given and also the time. We have learned so much while performing our task that made me discover interesting things from the problems we have encountered, about others and also to me. And one of the interesting discoveries that I’ve discovered is being able to know that our school is haunted and hearing scary stories and history. Knowing such stories is such an interesting and wonderful discovery for me since I’m a fan of paranormal. 
      Moving on, before we were able to finish our project, we always go through some challenging moments and for me, this challenging moment is when we need the cooperation of everyone but only a few have led their hand to help. This is disappointing because everyone did not put their efforts into making the projects and the work should have been better if we worked as a team. But even so, we were able to pass through the challenges and learned so much from it. While working on the projects, I’ve learned that one of the powerful things that you would do not just to yourself but also to others is sharing your knowledge to anyone. Through this, you will not just enlighten them but also motivate and encourage them to do the things that everyone should do to our surroundings. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to teach and discuss to others the learning that you have and pass it to them, in return they will also share it to others.
       As what the saying says, “Every problem has a solution” and everything that we did in making our projects, a lot of problems also have occurred but in the end, we were able to surpass it and found the best solution. How? You may ask and my answer to this is no other than teamwork and lending a hand to those who are in need.  In relation to this, in our world today, anyone has its problems and trials to deal with but sometimes we can’t do all things just by ourselves. As what others say, “No man is an Island,” everyone has its point in which they are exhausted enough to continue in moving on but with the assistance of others, they were able to stand back and did not give up until they found their solution to the problem.  With the teamwork, the overall projects were completed. So far, in my groupmates, we have communicated and discussed enough the projects that were given. Resulting, our performance ended very well and close enough to our expectations. With this project, little by little I'm starting to get to know others and really helped to strengthen our bond of friendship. That is why these projects have given a big impact on my social life. 
      I am happy to be able to pass through the hardships from making our projects with also the help of the people around me. Now that the semester is finally ended and I have completed all the tasks, it felt so great knowing that even though they're a lot of problems, misunderstandings, and conflicts have occurred, it ended up fine. And I can say, I am happy that I have never given up from the starting up until now. Learning that will always be remembered and the memories that will be are kept in my heart.
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