Transportation[edit | edit source]

Notes on Transportation section[1][2][3]
Air transport
Animal transport[4]
Automobiles and Trucks

Multi-person vehicles Buses
Single person vehicles[5]


Bicycle parking • Bicycle towing
Critical mass bike rides • Electric bicycles
Recumbent • Rickshaw

Mass transit[8]
Rail transport

Roads and bridges[9]
Rope and cable transport[10]
Water-borne transport

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Distinguish between human focus and freight?
  2. Lots of oddball possibilities, seems almost like you need some kind of "alternative" category for things like Hovercraft
  3. Where would tractors belong? Here, or agriculture? Are they a tool? Where are tools categorized?!?
  4. Is this legitimate? Seems like?
  5. Is this skateboards and Segways? Is this meant to include motorcycles /scooters /mopeds? They carry about 4 people in many parts of the world. Should we say 2 wheels, 2 axles, multiaxle? These don't seem natural... Perhaps we need to capture some article titles and see where the potential content takes us.
  6. Consider "Human powered" section, to include bicycling, skating, rollerblading, skateboarding, skiing, walking etc?
  7. Do hybrids and plug-in hybrids go here?
  8. This was not brought forward. If it was intentionally dropped, then remove this...
  9. Is it fair to merge these?
  10. Two tech briefs at Practical Action on Ropeways
  11. (Yamaplos)
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