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How to make lye from ashes[edit | edit source]

Commercial lyes can be bought in tins from pharmacies in larger towns, and these are a standard strength to give consistent results. However, if they are not available or affordable, lye can also be made from ashes. Fit a tap near to the bottom of a large (e.g. 250 litre) plastic or wooden barrel/tub. Do not use aluminium because the lye will corrode it and the soap will be contaminated. Make a filter inside, around the tap hole, using several bricks or stones covered with straw. Fill the tub with ashes and pour boiling water over them until water begins to run from the tap. Then shut the tap and let the ashes soak. The ashes will settle to less than one quarter of their original volume, and as they settle, add more ashes until the tub is full again. Ashes from any burned plant material are suitable, but those from banana leaf/stem make the strongest lye, and those from apple wood make the whitest soap. If a big barrel is not available, or smaller amounts of [1]

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