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Advantages of ICT in our Lives

ICT has a big impact on how we lived our life in today's situation. It's been our bridge to do our works, to communicate, and help us achieve our goals in building a business.

Here are some of the Advantages of ICT:

1. It gives works to the unemployed

        Many people around the world are employed in doing works at home and just facing their laptops and computers. It's been a great help specially to those who can't work in the actual site because of certain reasons. It also helps those single moms since most of it are just a work at home. 

2. It can be use as an Advocacy platform

        Many groups and organizations are pursuing their Advocacies in a certain issues. With the help of ICT, they can now quickly spread their advocacies to the people with just a click in the mouse.

3. It helps the business to grow

       ICT has a lot of variety and one of it are editing and advertising online. Many businessmen prefer to advocate their businesses in the means of social media sites. They use digitally edited poster and videos in advertising their products.

4. You can shop online

        Many shoppers now prefer to shop online rather than going to the mall. They use many online shop apps and site to buy their needs and desires. And it also helps some small businesses to grow.

5. It gives knowledge, information, and spread awareness

        On the Internet, many sites and webpages are used to share some educational knowledge and awareness which are the a big help for the students and even adults. They can fill their curiosity in just one click.

Those above are just some of the advantages of ICT and I'm sure that you can add to it as time goes by.