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Note to self: polish this up a bit and get a few more, incl from core people, move to Appropedia space, then issue a general call - social media, blog, front page... --Chriswaterguy 23:49, 1 August 2012 (PDT)

JMC330 International Mass Communication[edit]

JMC330 International Mass Communication at HSU. 8 responses from Jessie Misha's students regarding issues/suggestions/reflections from their experience with Appropedia.

Jessica Snow

The only real problem I had with Appropedia was the spam filter.... it was annoying! The html coding was a lot easier than I thought it would be. At first I was pretty intimidated by it, but once I started the project I found it wasn't that big of a deal. Finding the pictures for my page was more difficult than I had anticipated it being-- copyright free images are hard to find!

But, overall I enjoyed the assignment. It was a nice break from the traditional papers that I normally have to write.

Selected quote

My experience with Appropedia was good for the most part because I have never done assignment that was specifically made for a website. The only issues I had dealt with the copyrighting. It was really hard to tell what pictures on the Internet can be used for other websites. I was also a little confused on how many facts to put in, but regardless of that, everything was fine.


Frank Thomas Cardenas

Post: Syrian Environmental Association

Feedback: Using the Appropedia site was a great college experience. It was nice to have a project that has tangible real-world applications. Just reading through the previous assignments and other articles on the site was amazing. There is so many good, applicable ideas on there. The site itself was simple and relatively intuitive to use. I enjoy researching things that can help the world and then knowing that they will be shared in a way that actually contributes to the global knowledge pool.

Recommendations: No more captchas! Counting kittens is way more effective. Also, organization to the help page so things are easy to read and find. Maybe color coded bars would make it a little better. A tutorial video on the opening or posting page would also be a good worthwhile addition.

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This is my extra credit assignment that you assigned 4/5/12 in your 12:30 section.

Most of the problems that I see with Appropedia were addressed in the class. Though the topic of why some pages appeared different when you opened them in class wasn't addressed. I really enjoyed this project, I'm hoping that other countries try to follow the Vatican's example and try to be more sustainable. I think that Appropedia will prove to be an invaluable resource in the future and I'm seriously considering the internship that Lonny referred to. Looking at other people's projects and my grade I did better than I thought I did. I do think that there is marked room for improvement though. I went back and looked at my article and it didn't look too bad next to the others so I'm proud to have it up on a site like Appropedia.

Caitlyn Carralejo

I really enjoyed created an appropedia page and becoming familiar with the website. In the past, I have shied away from, "the scary world of computers," and came to the conclusion that technology was way over my head. However, with the help pages in appropedia, I was able to create a decent webpage. It was both stressful and fun learning coding and uploading pictures onto the website. I think appropedia is an awesome idea, and it is fun reading other pages. The mission statement is one that I agree with, and it was neat feeling apart of something that is directly impacting lives across the world. If I have free time, I will definitely look forward to creating more pages for the website in the future.


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Hi Jessie,

We addressed a lot of my concerns/questions in class but I wanted to point out that the photo upload situation is a bit funky.

After you upload a photo you have to find the code for photos in the code help section and paste the photo link generated by the upload into the code provided by the help section. That wasn't an enormous problem, but it was just a little circular.

I also forgot that I could copy and paste another page to help me make my page, I would say that they suggest that to new users BUT that could lead to a lot of deleted/accidentally modified pages!

I don't think one suggestion is really worth extra credit, but I wanted to point out the photo thing.



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Nathan Post

So I think we already covered most of these in class, but these would be my top suggestions:

-Find a better (and less frequent) countermeasure for spammers than the Captchas. I had to attempt to decipher two of these each time I made an edit.
-Allow direct linking of pictures. Downloading, then re-uploading pictures to add them to a page is a pain.
-Allow captions on pictures that are not thumbnails. I had to thumbnail my picture, then tell it to display as if it were not a thumbnail just so I could add a caption.
-Combine related pages. When I went to link my page to others, I found multiple pages for the topics of LEDs, solar panels, and others that really should not have been separate.
-Get a better search engine. I think you can implement Google searching into Appropedia. I've seen it done on other sites. I had to be very specific if I wanted to find a page with Appropedia's search engine.

That's all I can think of at the moment. It was an interesting and new way for me to handle an assignment. There were a few technical hiccups, but it was still a good experience overall.

Users (non-university)[edit]

Chris Lumpkin

I have previously used Appropedia to fill up my knowledge on several topics, particularly greywater and rainwater catchment. I really appreciate your knowledge sharing and your hard work to create this space! Though I am mostly a consumer of appropriate technologies and agriculture, I look forward to sharing and documenting whatever I can here."