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For my internship I want to examine:

What makes a successful local food project?

What makes a successful community garden?

Starting in Brisbane and Sydney, I will visit Melbourne in May.

Projects, people and places so far:

City of Sydney support lots of small gardens thought ideas and grants: http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/Residents/ParksAndLeisure/CommunityGardens/Default.asp

A refugee man has set up a project to grow African Veggies to supply to Sydney: http://africanfoodproject.org/home

The Botanic Gardens have run a 10 year growing project with NSW Housing: http:www.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/education/community_greening

A web designer designing an iphone app to help support seasonal food: http://flavourcrusader.com/blog/about/

and in Brisbane - A well established city farm runs as a community centre, and seemed fully recovered from 4 foot of flood water when I visited last week. They have a popular market on Sundays, tours every Tuesday morning, and a steady flow of volunteers enjoying the relaxed vibe and beautiful space: http://www.northeystreetcityfarm.org

A guy wanted to cut out the middle man between grower and consumer. I love the portrait of the kohlrabi farmer! Started in Brisbane, this now runs in Sydney too. http://www.foodconnect.org.au

all ideas and suggestions welcome!