Internet conferencing reduces the need for travel, allowing greater collaboration and less environmental impact.

Preparation[edit | edit source]

Preperation before attending an internet conference is vital. Following are a few hints.

Make sure your audio is functioning[edit | edit source]

Check your Microphone[edit | edit source]

The microphone is probably the most common source of problems in online conferncing.

The sound recorder when it is first started.
How to test to see if your microphone is working in Windows
  1. Plug your microphone into the mic jack on your computer. It is usually pink and depicts a little icon of a mic.
  2. Go to Start->Programs->Accessories->Entertainment->Sound Recorder
  3. Click the red circle button to start recording.
  4. Speak into your mic.
  5. Click the black box to stop recording.
  6. Click the black triangle to playback your recording.
  7. If you hear yourself, then congratulations your microphone is ready for conferencing.
  8. If not, check out the following troubleshooting sites:

External links[edit | edit source]

  • Skype provides text and voice based conference at no cost. There is a cost for landline calls within the same country, in many countries.
  • Office 365 is a public cloud solution that combines Microsoft's collaboration and productivity suites including Exchange, Office Web Apps, Office Professional Plus, Sharepoint, and Lync.
  • [1]Sbase Technologies] Sbase Technologies offer multi services to increase your productivity using Office 365 services, Cloud based services, cloud computing,Virtualization and Migration..
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