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Rather than use this template, link to Wikipedia and articles from other wikis from an Interwiki links section near the end (before External links), as in this example:

== Interwiki links ==

* [[Wikipedia:Water purification]]
* [[Wikihow:Purify water]]
* [[Wikibooks:Water treatment]]

This template should eventually have no transclusions: Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Wikipedia.

NOTE: This tag is deprecated - please use an interwiki link section instead. Discuss.
Information on Wikipedia can be found at Wikipedia. What's this?


To be used when relevant information is found in the Wikipedia article of the same name. (If it redirects to a relevant article, that's also fine.)

Check before saving the file. (E.g. you might find it easiest to add the template, use the preview function, and open the Wikipedia link in a new window.)

See also[edit]

  1. {{alsoWP}} - A variation on this notice, using FULLPAGENAME so that it reproduces namespace prefixes such as "Help:" and "Category:"; as it works fine for articles too, it may be used fairly safely on any page with a name that matches WP exactly. And it involves less typing, which some users may find advantageous.
  2. {{Wikipedia p}} - A variation on this notice, specifying the pagename rather than using the default pagename.