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I've moved your page to [[{{{1}}}]] for now. You can continue to work on it there. In its current form it doesn't seem suitable for Appropedia - see Appropedia:Policies for more info. It can be moved back later if it's suitable.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


After A:Userfying a page, place this template on the page creator's talk page, with the full pagename of the userfied page as the argument, something like this:

{{userfied your page|User:Foo/Football}}

(Easy and safe way to get the pagename right: Copy the "new title" when you move the page.)

Remember to sign and add other greetings or comments as appropriate.

If the page had other contributors, you probably should leave a note for them as well, pointing to the discussion on the page creator's talk page.

The userfied page may also have the {{userfied}} notice placed on it.

Note: allowing an optional argument might be a good idea, to allow an additional explanation to be inserted after the main paragraph and before the "Thank you..."