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News and comment[edit]


Putting people in control of public land, Nov 2 [1]

Peers vote for new neighbourhood right of appeal, Apr 22 [2]

Neighbourhood Planning and Transition initiatives: an update. February 5 [3]


It’s in all our interests to know who owns our land, and who benefits from it, September 28 [4]

Charity Sustrans unveil new modular street furniture system, September 21 [5]

Five Radical Ideas for a Better Planning System, April [6]

Atmos Totnes and the Power to Convene, January 22 [7]


Our month on rethinking real estate: Why I’m proud to be a SWIMBY, October 2 [8]

Why I'm not a planner, nor proud of planning, May 23 [9]


A Right to Build: Local homes for local people, March 14 [10]

New alliance calls for “Smart Growth” investment in cities, not more 1980s-style sprawl, February 21 [11]

Rainwater harvesting[edit]

UK homes using some form of rainwater harvesting system can reduce their mains water usage by 50% or more. W