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Template:Topic with portal header

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[[Image:{{{image}}}|80px]]    More information is at [[:Category:{{{category}}}|{{{category}}} category]] -
subtopics, howtos, projects, designs, organizations and more.
Also see the [[Portal:{{{portal}}}|Portal]].


This is a variation on {{topic header}}, to be used only where there is a very relevant portal for the topic.

Just as {{cat header}} is used on topic categories (and will we have {{portal header}} on portals?) this navigation template is used on key topic pages.

Image: If you can find a suitable image on Appropedia to display, use it - otherwise leave the image parameter empty (it'll be a bit untidy, but it can be fixed later).

{{topic with portal header 
| image= default.png 
| portal = portalname
| category = categoryname

  1. Change default.png to your preferred free image from Appropedia, if there is one.
  2. Change portalname and categoryname to the category you want to link to. Usually this will be the same as the page you're linking from, but not always.

E.g. on the Appropriate technology page, we can use:

{{topic with portal header 
| image = Completedsheller.gif
| portal = Appropriate technology
| category = Appropriate technology

which displays as:

Completedsheller.gif    More information is at Appropriate technology category -
subtopics, howtos, projects, designs, organizations and more.
Also see the Portal.

If you don't have a suitable image on Appropedia yet, leave the first parameter as default.png.

If you have have an open licensed image you'd like to share and use here, upload at Special:Upload and in the license specify the image, the license, and the source (i.e. if you took it yourself, or which website it came from.

Header for category page with portal[edit]

Add the {{cat with portal header}} for the corresponding category page.


  • Note: I was going to use [[:Category:{{{PAGENAME}}}|'''{{{PAGENAME}}} category''']] but there might be times when the category name mightn't be the same as the key page. Also, that would lead to link breakage if a page containing this template gets moved. --Chriswaterguy 07:18, 11 November 2009 (UTC)