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News and comment[edit]


Govt Hands Out Cash to Help Its Very Poorest Kickstart Businesses, Jul 24 [1]

Off-grid Njoro Children’s Library in Tanzania keeps naturally cool with compressed earth, Apr 15 [2]


Community Forests International Plants Trees and Livelihoods on Pemba Island, November 13 [3]

How Tanzania plans to light up a million homes with solar power, October 29 [4]

Zanzibar's 'Solar Mamas' flip the switch on rural homes, gender roles, June 5 [5]


Mobile money powers solar expansion in rural East Africa [6]


Scientists: Snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro to melt in twenty years, [7] November 3

2009 SEED Award Winners, [8] May 12

"KOLCAFE - Smallholder coffee revenue enhancement". This initiative, involving national NGOs and a local research institution, aims to empower coffee farmers and increase coffee production by improving agronomic practices and adding value through building product processing infrastructure and selling products directly to export markets.

Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia: "Sunny Money - solar micro-franchising". International NGOs and community-based organisations in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia have created a micro-franchise named Sunny Money, which recruits, trains and supports a growing network of solar entrepreneurs in East Africa, especially deaf and disabled people, helping them build and sell solar kits to power lights, radios and mobile phones.