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{{Shortcut compact}} is a compact version of the {{shortcut}} template, for use in vertically-constrained locations, such as alongside list items.

It flows to the right of the page, displaying all the shortcuts in a single line of text.

Usage[edit source]

Usage is similar to the {{shortcut}} template; also see its documentation on Wikipedia. This template accepts up to five shortcuts as parameters. However, in most cases you will only want to display one or two shortcuts with this template, otherwise it may get too wide. Use {{shortcut}} if you need to display more than two shortcuts in the same box.

Originally this template was for use on the Editor's index to Wikipedia, which needs to display shortcuts alongside list items and subitems which are vertically close together. The goal was to make the Editor's index more useful as a tool for answering questions, for example on the Help desk. A user can look up entries on the Editor's index, copy the relevant shortcuts, and paste them into links in replies to Help desk questions.

The template may be useful on other pages where multiple shortcut boxes would crowd together vertically, and where the page contains multiple chunks of information that people would want to refer to in an easy way.

Examples[edit source]

For examples, see the template documentation on Wikipedia. Due to an odd bug, the examples do not display correctly on the documentation subpage of a template. The template works correctly on a "normal" page, however.

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