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Notes[edit source]

Usage[edit source]

This adds the following text, in wiki markup:

== Notes and references ==

This is just to make adding the references section easier to remember. Use it if you like it, ignore it if you don't.

Use this to add a section for footnotes & references - such a section is essential where the <ref> tag is used in a page.

ALWAYS use this in the form: {{subst:notes}} - by using the "subst:" prefix, this substitutes the code, and avoids problems such as clicking the edit section link and editing this page in error.

Admins and gnomes: Occasionally check that this is the case by clicking What links here - no articles should (but some Appropedia: or Template: pages may) include this template.

Sample[edit source]

This is some sample main body text that should have a reference at the end.[1]

Notes[edit source]

  1. Here is the sample footnote.

External links[edit source]

For notes on usage of footnotes and references in Wikipedia, see: