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This year is: 44.1% complete

Template documentation[edit source]

Syntax[edit source]


The percent is a number between 0 and 100, without the trailing %.


Calculates the progression as a function of param1/param2


Calculates the progression as a function of param1/param2, and displays a task label on the bar.

Examples[edit source]

given percent[edit source]

{{Progression|0}} :

0% complete

{{Progression|36.7}} :

36.7% complete

given percent + label[edit source]

{{Progression|50|task=Half way is}} :

Half way is: 50% complete

{{Progression|100|task=Homework}} :

Homework: 100% complete

calculated percent[edit source]

{{Progression|100|250}} :

40% complete

{{Progression|200|300}} :

66.7% complete

calculated percent + label[edit source]

{{Progression|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES:R}}|6000|task=Go from {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} to 6,000 articles}} :

Go from 9,180 to 6,000 articles: 153% complete

{{Progression|{{#expr:({{CURRENTWEEK}}-1)*7+{{CURRENTDOW}}}}|365|task=This year is}} :

This year is: 44.1% complete

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