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General principles of cleaning:

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More of any of these will help to clean more effectively:

  • Water (or other cleaning fluid). The environmental impact depends on quantity and also how it is reused or disposed of.
  • Detergent. Using less water achieves a greater concentration of detergent and thus less impact. The choice of detergent is also important.
  • Heat. This can greatly increase cleaning effectiveness, but causes carbon emissions, unless using solar hot water, or water heated with renewable energy.
  • Time. This is usually a matter of managing the process so that there is maximum time for dirt, grease etc to dissolve, and has no environmental cost.
  • Physical motion (scrubbing or agitation).

Using more of one component can help reduce the amount used of the others. Allowing time to soak and dissolve is one of the most important tools in effective and low-impact cleaning, as it reduces the impact of the other components.

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