Purpose[edit source]

Use to invite the reader to add a new section to the page. This is equivalent to the feature only available on talk pages, shown by the + sign next to the discussion tab.

Using this template, with the {{NAMESPACE}} & {{PAGENAME}} terms rather than entering the actual full pagename, means that it will not break if the page is moved.

How to use[edit source]

You must add the double square brackets and pipe text yourself! It is designed this way to enable the link text to be adapted to each use.


[[{{newsection}}|new section]]

displays as:

new section

Comments[edit source]

It will always display as a redlink. Is this a problem? Or should we change to using a full url version? If so, the basic idea is this:


But note that this will not work unless the equivalents of {{NAMESPACE}} & {{PAGENAME}} are used which convert spaces to underscores. (Don't have time to look - I'll leave it to anyone who wants to try it. But don't forget to check "what links here" and change the format of existing occurrences of the template.) --Chriswaterguy 16:51, 2 June 2008 (PDT)