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News and comment[edit]


Dutch parliament votes to close down country's coal industry, Sep 23 [1]

75 years after its destruction, Rotterdam continues to reinvent itself, Aug 24 [2]

Nijmegen wins European Green Capital Award 2018, Jun 22 [3]

This Bike Lane Made From Recycled Wood Chips Is the Most Dutch Thing Ever, January 21 [4]


Dutch city plans to pay citizens a ‘basic income’, and Greens say it could work in the UK, December 26 [5]

Rotterdam's residents crowdfunded its new pedestrian bridge, July 29 [6]

How Groningen invented a cycling template for cities all over the world, July 29 [7]

Dutch city of Utrecht to experiment with a universal, unconditional income, June 26 [8]

Netherlands ordered to cut greenhouse gas emissions, June 24 [9]

Nijmegen Sharing City Embraces No-Money Abundance, January 26 [10]


Netherlands Aiming For 100,000 More Solar Roofs In 1 Year, April 8 [11]

Eindhoven introduces Sustainable Smart Lighting Systems, March 26 [12]

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