mra = markup renders as

Purpose[edit source]

Duplicate each parameter, and send them to Template:Markup, each of them once wrapped in nowiki tags and once displayed normally.

Usage[edit source]

Use this template with at least one parameter and at most 30 parameters. Keep all the parameters on the same line.

{{subst:mra|Arbitrary wiki markup1|Arbitrary wiki markup2|Arbitrary wiki markup3... and so on up to 30}}

Examples[edit source]

{{subst:mra|'''Bold text'''|''Italic text''|[[Internal link]]}}

Result in edit window:

<nowiki>'''Bold text'''</nowiki>|'''Bold text'''|
<nowiki>''Italic text''</nowiki>|''Italic text''|
<nowiki>[[Internal link]]</nowiki>|[[Internal link]]}}

Result in preview or after saving:

Source code view Rendered view
'''Bold text'''

Bold text

''Italic text''

Italic text

[[Internal link]]