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News and comment[edit]


Low-tech solar tent boosts Malawi’s dried fish industry, Jun 15 [1]


Building resilience to climate change in rural Malawi, December 7 [2]

Malawi's solar power revolution starts by bringing schoolchildren out of the dark, August 11 [3]

Permaculture in Malawi: using food forests to prevent floods and hunger, April 20 [4]

Sustainable agriculture in Malawi: a desperate struggle, April 17 [5]


Klem project enables Malawians to make their own shoes, January 22 [6]


2009 SEED Award Winners: Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia: "Sunny Money - solar micro-franchising".

International NGOs and community-based organisations in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia have created a micro-franchise named Sunny Money, which recruits, trains and supports a growing network of solar entrepreneurs in East Africa, especially deaf and disabled people, helping them build and sell solar kits to power lights, radios and mobile phones. [7] May 12, 2009


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