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This page includes content from Instructables. The original article was at {{{1}}}. The creator is {{{2}}}. Some content on Instructables is not compatible with Appropedia's license policy, but this content was originally licensed under CC-BY-SA.

How to use[edit source]

To use this template, type {{Instructables|PAGENAME|USERNAME}} at the bottom of the article or section where the content is used. "PAGENAME" should be the portion of the URL following http://www.instructables.com/id/. "USERNAME" should be the user name of the project's creator.

Why to use[edit source]

Some content on Instructables is under the CC-BY-SA license, which allows reuse but requires attribution.

When to use Instructables content[edit source]

It can be helpful to import relevant how-to from Instructables to Appropedia. However, only content which uses a license without a non-commercial clause should be used. See: CC-BY-NC-SA for information on non-commercial licensing.