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News and comment[edit]


'Small is Powerful': Transition in action in Hungary. September 14 [1]

Cargo bike centre in Budapest promotes sustainable transport solutions and environmentally-conscious business models, June 1 [2]

Last month the do-it-yourself non-profit bicycle cooperative Cyclonomia teamed up with an organic vegetable farm called Zsámboki Biokert and Kantaa a mainly cargobike-focused bike messenger enterprise to cooperate in work and build communities upon the ideas they believe in. Cargonomia is aimed not to be only a fruitful business co-op but also an example to promote environmentally conscious transport and food production solutions to citizens and businesses.
The model leans on the distribution of bio food grown in farms near Budapest to costumers in the city on cargo bikes which are maintained and built by the Cyclonomia community.
Cargonomia also plans to be a logistics centre for sustainable urban transport solutions where community members can borrow, rent and buy locally manufactured cargo bikes.
As a community centre they are planning numerous activities such as cultural events, workshops, discussions on DiY culture, sustainable transitions and the idea of degrowth.
The centre which was opened in May was acquired through the ‘Lakatlan’ project of KÉK (Contemporary Architecture Centre) which aims to revitalise empty buildings, shops and properties in Budapest with community activities and businesses.
Cargonomia finds it important to promote concrete alternatives to standard profit-driven social and economic systems.

The Budapest bike movement is back and bigger than ever, May 17 [3]

How a house with 120 flats turned its concrete-covered courtyard into a lovely garden, March 8 [4]


Fir­­­­­st solar train makes way while sun shines, September 11 [5]


Hungarian Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations, [6] Kaihsu Tai, February 26

The Invisible Marsh, [7] January 26. Marietta Le reports on the story of one of Hungary's most successful citizen campaigns, whose goal is to save an endangered marsh by preventing an allegedly illegal expansion of a shopping center.


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