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News and comment[edit]


Athens' unofficial community initiatives offer hope after government failures, Sep 21 [1]


The New Greek Government Endorses Commons-Based, Peer Production Solutions, February 12 [2]

"A commons colleague, John Restakis, wrote about this possibility a week or so before the January 25 elections. Now, speaking to the Greek Parliament last week, the new Deputy Prime Minister Gianni Dragasakis explicitly stated that Greece will develop new sorts of bottom-up, commons-based, peer production models for meeting people’s needs."


CommonsFest in Greece: A Movement Expands, May 13 [3]

Commons projects and activism seem to be really hopping in Greece: just last week a collaborative ebook, Πέρααπότοκράτοςκαιτηναγορά: Ηομότιμηπροοπτική, was published in Greece as a free, downloadable pdf file. The ebook presents a vision for a commons-oriented economy and society. Print copies will be available at the end of May, at a price defined by the reader.
The book cites five key reasons why this vision can succeed, particularly in Greece: 1) the extensive micro-ownership of land and other forms of capital; 2) the existing solidarity networks; 3) the rebirth of the cooperative movement; 4) the urgent need for rebuilding the economy; and 5) the decentralized networks of islands which offer a unique case study for the commoning of energy production and distribution.


Brave new renewable energy bill introduced by Greek government in parliament, [4] May 5


Wildfires encroaching on Athens, citizens tracking developments via the web and Twitter, [5] August 24


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