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This page or section includes (or once included) text content from Wikimedia Commons. The original page was Attrib Commons. The list of authors on Commons is in the history for that page. As with Appropedia, the text of Commons is available under the CC-BY-SA license (see Commons:COM:REUSE#Text for details).

Template documentation[edit]

Usage[edit source]

When a page on Appropedia contains text content originally from Wikimedia Commons, add this template to the bottom of the page on Appropedia:

{{Attrib Commons|title of Commons page}}

A redirect is also available:

{{From Commons|title of Commons page}}

If the page title on Commons differs from the title of the Appropedia page which contains this template, specify the Commons page title as the optional template parameter.

This allows Appropedia to comply with Commons' conditions for reusing text content.

Not for media files[edit source]

Wikimedia Commons is a repository of freely-licensed or public domain media files. Use this template only for attributing text content from Commons. When copying media files from Commons, you must fulfill the terms of their licences. See Commons:Commons:Reusing content outside Wikimedia.

[edit source]

The template uses File:Wikipedia.png as its icon, rather than the more familiar Commons:File:Commons-logo-en.svg, because the Commons logo is copyrighted and not free content. Appropedia is not a Wikimedia Foundation project, so we are not allowed to use the Commons logo.

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