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Creates a link to the Flinfo tool to look up a photo by its Flickr ID, to return a pre-filled {{Information}} template for the photo, along with a {{Location}} template if the Flickr photo has geocoding, and Flinfo will also guess at categories for the photo. This is not a fancy template, just an easier-to-remember way to generate the Flinfo link, so you can record it in your notes on a user subpage, or mention it on a talk page, etc. Syntax:

{{Flinfo|Flickr ID|description|categories|destination file name}}

The first input parameter is mandatory. The last three input parameters are optional. They correspond to the input parameters in commons:User:Flominator/Flinfo#Input parameters. If you specify a value for any of the last three input parameters, the template displays different instruction text, reminding you to open the upload form from the Flinfo page. That will cause Flinfo to pass your input parameters on to the upload form so you do not have to edit them in by hand. Syntax notes:

  • Separate categories with semicolons. You do not need the Category: namespace prefix.
  • Omit the File: prefix and the .jpg extension from the destination file name.

Examples[edit source]

Type this To get this
{{Flinfo|453762032}} Run the Flickr information tool on Flickr ID: 453762032
{{Flinfo|2824822448|Wind turbines on the wikipedia:Science Barge|Hydroponics;Museums in New York;Science museums in the United States;Wind turbines on public display|New York Science Barge 593866098}} Run the Flickr information tool on Flickr ID: 2824822448

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