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News and comment[edit]


Could intercity cycle highways revolutionise the daily commute? Jun 30 [1]

EU smashes 2020 emissions target six years early, Jun 21 [2]


The Other Market! October 15

Last week I sat down with Pablo Calderon Salazar to talk about a great new project that bridges art with social design. In order to start a debat about ‘work’ in local communities initiator Calderon intervenes into daily life: he goes into dialogue with passers-by, challenging them to propose personal skills that would be usefull in a differently structured society and/or economy. Afterwards these conversations, opinions and proposals get documented with directly made posters, video’s, podcasts, drawings and photo’s. Let’s talk about The Other Market![3]

European Project Recruits Smartphone Users to Collect Pollution Data, September 1 [4]

New rules to dramatically reduce use of environment-damaging bags get all-clear, April 28 [5]

Three European countries have already hit their renewable energy goals, March 10 [6]

EU power emissions fell by more than 8% in 2014, January 14 [7]


Community energy deserves Europe-wide support, October 16 [8]

More than 3,300 clean-up actions implemented via European Clean-Up Day, May 12 [9]

Europe's young democracies learn to speak less and listen more. Amid volatility, governments in south-east Europe are starting to use technology to involve people in policymaking, April 29 [10]

European Parliament votes to slash plastic bag waste, April 17 [11]

Scandal of Europe's 11m empty homes, Febraury 23 [12]

EU to cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030, January 22 [13]


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