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Create a parser function error message.


  • {{error|An exemplary error}}An exemplary error
  • Compare: {{#expr:Foo}}Expression error: Unrecognized word "foo".

The tag to contain the error message can be given through the tag parameter, but it will only accept span, div, p, and strong, since those are the only tags recognized by the #iferror parser function. It defaults to strong, the tag generated e.g. by #expre.

  • {{error|An exemplary error span|tag=span}}An exemplary error span
  • {{error|An exemplary error div|tag=div}}
    An exemplary error div
  • {{error|An exemplary error p|tag=p}}

    An exemplary error p

  • {{error|An exemplary error strong|tag=strong}}An exemplary error strong

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