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Imported pages

These pages were imported to Appropedia as part of a merger (creating wiki synergy). There may have since been page moves and mergers, so to check what was originally imported, check the history of the page,

(In rare cases, the history page will not show an import. In this case the original has presumably been moved and the redirect deleted, or the page itself was deleted.)

Usernames prior to the import may not correlate to the same username on Appropedia in spite of the fact that it links to a user page here. (This should be solved in more recent imports, as we can edit the xml file to append the source wiki to all usernames in history.)

To determine when the file was imported, look in the history for a "revision" by Curtbeckmann with the edit history of the form "m (n revision(s))" (where n is a cardinal number, i.e. 1 or 2 etc).