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Template documentation[edit]

Usage[edit source]

Place this notice

at the bottom of any page which is based very closely on work from another source, used with permission. A comment can be used to note the status of the work - e.g.

Note that if the other source is not open licensed, the offending material should instead be tagged with {{copyvio}} or simply removed. The ideas from copyright material can be used, but the text cannot remain on an Appropedia page.

Purpose[edit source]

Content which is copied in:

  • Often looks like it doesn't fit, and may not be exactly suitable to Appropedia, until it is edited and adapted.
  • Damages the page's search ranking, and Appropedia's overall search ranking (since Google's "Panda" algorithm updates in 2011)

This template requests help in fixing this, and also adds a <noindex> tag for as long as the template stays on the page, so the page and Appropedia will not be penalized.

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