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Template:Contains beyonddams

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This page, Contains beyonddams, includes material ported from Beyond Dams [1], authored by Elizabeth Brink of International Rivers Network (IRN) and Serena McClain and Steve Rothert of American Rivers (AR), published by IRN and AR). Used with permission.

The original page of content from "Beyond Dams", can be viewed [{{{1}}} here].


This is a template to go on pages containing original document material from Beyond Dams. This goes on the editable wiki page. The original page uses {{Beyonddamspage}}; it is saved,

Once the "original document page" notice template ({{Beyonddamspage}} in this case) is put in, and the page is checked over, the page is then saved, so the appropriate URL is available in the history. Copy the permanent url of the latest edit, from the history page. The template is then replaced with this one (and the url is used as the argument in this template). The page is now open for editing in the same way as any other wiki page.

The page may change significantly, but this template should remain on the page as long as there is something recognizable left from the original. In addition, this template will probably eventually include a automatic categorization, such as Category:Demotech.

If a page using this template is split into two or more, then this template should be used on each of the pages, presuming they contain some of the original document's material.

To use this template include, in your page above categories, the following line:

{{Contains beyonddams}}