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{{Cl}} (or "category link") displays a category name as a link to the category, showing the double square brackets as you would type a category link when categorizing a page. This is useful for illustrating how to categorize a page, for example in a help page, or on a user talk page.


{{Cl|Composting}} gives: Category:Composting

To achieve the same thing with plain wikitext markup:

[[:Category:Composting]] gives: Category:Composting

Displaying the square brackets[edit]

To display the square brackets (to explain how to add category markup, while also displaying the category link):

[[{{cl|Composting}}]] gives: [[Category:Composting]]

To display the square brackets using plain wikitext markup:

[[[[:Category:Composting]]]] gives: [[Category:Composting]]

See also[edit]

  • {{Tl}} - to display a template, as you would type the template to transclude it.
  • {{Tlc}} - another template display template, which formerly did what this template does

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