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Template documentation[edit source]


A template for standardizing portal and other boxes. Transcluded text is placed between this and a {{Box-footer}}.


{{Box-header-watch | title={{{1}}} |editpage={{{2}}} |TOC={{{TOC|}}} |EDIT={{{EDIT|}}}
|border=                    <!-- This is the color of the borders around Box Sections -->
<!-- |border-width=              This is the width of the borders around Box Sections -->
|titleforeground=black      <!-- This is the color of the Box Section Title Bar text-->
|titleforegroundlink={{{titleforegroundlink|black}}} <!-- This is the color of the Box Section Title Bar "edit watch" text-->
|titlebackground=           <!-- This is the color of the Box Section Title Bar -->
|background=                <!-- This is the color of the Box Section background -->
|foreground=black}}         <!-- This is the color of the Box Section text -->
[[Category:Name of portal|{{SUBPAGENAME}}]]


This example is based on Portal:Projects.

Create a box-header subpage

Such as Portal:Projects/box-header.

{{Box-header-watch | title={{{1}}} |editpage={{{2}}} |TOC={{{TOC|}}} |EDIT={{{EDIT|}}}
|border=#818CA5             <!-- This is the color of the borders around Box Sections -->
<!-- |border-width=4             This is the width of the borders around Box Sections -->
|titleforeground=black      <!-- This is the color of the Box Section Title Bar text-->
|titlebackground=#DABBA9    <!-- This is the color of the Box Section Title Bar -->
|background=#FFFAF4         <!-- This is the color of the Box Section background -->
|foreground=black}}         <!-- This is the color of the Box Section text -->
<noinclude>[[Category:Projects portal|{{SUBPAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>

Create a box-footer subpage

Such as Portal:Projects/box-footer.

<div style="margin:-.8em 0"> {{Box-footer | {{{1|}}} }} </div><noinclude>
[[Category:Projects portal|{{SUBPAGENAME}}]]

Create a portal content subpage

Such as Portal:Projects/Intro.

Transclude the content subpage between the box-header and box-footer

  • Add a box title as parameter 1 (e.g., "<big>The Projects Portal</big>").
  • Add the content subpage as parameter 2 for the edit link (e.g., "Portal:Projects/Intro|").
{{Portal:Projects/box-header‎|<big>The Projects Portal</big>|Portal:Projects/Intro|}}

This example produces the following Portal:Projects intro box.

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The Projects Portal

Sharing knowledge to build rich, sustainable lives.
Appropedia is the site for collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction and international development through the use of sound principles and appropriate technology and the sharing of wisdom and project information. It is a wiki, a type of website which allows anyone to add, remove, or edit content. Registration is encouraged but not required for contributors.

Appropedia has been described as an "appropriate technology wiki," but it is much broader than that - it is a green wiki, and a wiki for all matters of international development and aid. But most importantly, Appropedia is an open site for stakeholders to come together to find, create and improve scalable and adaptable solutions. For more about our motivation, see Appropedia:Mission.

To create a new project page, first browse the project articles and subcategories below for examples and check for possible collaboration opportunities, such as articles similar to what you're considering writing. If you are looking for ideas for your own project, check out our Suggested_projects. It is highly encouraged to tag your projects with their status -- you can do this with a few templates. Be Bold!

See also

Box-header color palettes

The following box-headers are examples of HSV color palettes arranged by hue. They can be copied to your portal's /box-header subpage.

Border: Hn/S15/V75 • Background: Hn/S4/V100 • Header 1: Hn/S40/V85 • Header 2: Hn/S15/V95 • Header 3: Hn/S10/V100


Template:Box-header-watch/1 Template:Box-header-watch/1

Template:Box-header-watch/2 Template:Box-header-watch/2

Template:Box-header-watch/3 Template:Box-header-watch/3


Template:Box-header-watch/4 Template:Box-header-watch/4

Template:Box-header-watch/5 Template:Box-header-watch/5

Template:Box-header-watch/6 Template:Box-header-watch/6


Border: H60/S15/V75 • Background: H60/S4/V100 • Header 1: H60/S40/V100 • Header 2: H60/S15/V100 • Header 3: H60/S10/V100

Template:Box-header-watch/7 Template:Box-header-watch/7

Template:Box-header-watch/8 Template:Box-header-watch/8

Template:Box-header-watch/9 Template:Box-header-watch/9


Template:Box-header-watch/10 Template:Box-header-watch/10

Template:Box-header-watch/11 Template:Box-header-watch/11

Template:Box-header-watch/12 Template:Box-header-watch/12


Template:Box-header-watch/13 Template:Box-header-watch/13

Template:Box-header-watch/14 Template:Box-header-watch/14

Template:Box-header-watch/15 Template:Box-header-watch/15


Template:Box-header-watch/16 Template:Box-header-watch/16

Template:Box-header-watch/17 Template:Box-header-watch/17

Template:Box-header-watch/18 Template:Box-header-watch/18


Template:Box-header-watch/19 Template:Box-header-watch/19

Template:Box-header-watch/20 Template:Box-header-watch/20

Template:Box-header-watch/21 Template:Box-header-watch/21


Template:Box-header-watch/22 Template:Box-header-watch/22

Template:Box-header-watch/23 Template:Box-header-watch/23

Template:Box-header-watch/24 Template:Box-header-watch/24


Template:Box-header-watch/25 Template:Box-header-watch/25

Template:Box-header-watch/26 Template:Box-header-watch/26

Template:Box-header-watch/27 Template:Box-header-watch/27


Template:Box-header-watch/28 Template:Box-header-watch/28

Template:Box-header-watch/29 Template:Box-header-watch/29

Template:Box-header-watch/30 Template:Box-header-watch/30


Template:Box-header-watch/31 Template:Box-header-watch/31

Template:Box-header-watch/32 Template:Box-header-watch/32

Template:Box-header-watch/33 Template:Box-header-watch/33


Template:Box-header-watch/34 Template:Box-header-watch/34

Template:Box-header-watch/35 Template:Box-header-watch/35

Template:Box-header-watch/36 Template:Box-header-watch/36


Template:Box-header-watch/37 Template:Box-header-watch/37

Template:Box-header-watch/38 Template:Box-header-watch/38

Template:Box-header-watch/39 Template:Box-header-watch/39

H0 S0

Border: H0/S0/V75 • Background: H0/S0/V100 • Header 1: H0/S0/V75 • Header 2: H0/S0/V85 • Header 3: H0/S0/V95

Template:Box-header-watch/40 Template:Box-header-watch/40

Template:Box-header-watch/41 Template:Box-header-watch/41

Template:Box-header-watch/42 Template:Box-header-watch/42