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News and comment[edit]


Saving Bangladesh’s last rainforest, Sep 21 [1]

Rajshahi: the city that took on air pollution – and won, Jun 17 [2]

How Bangladeshi inventors are making eco-friendly air conditioners from plastic bottles, Jun 2 [3]


Bangladesh fires up large-scale solar to boost power generation, November 20 [4]

Solar-Powered Pumps Reduce Irrigation Costs in Bangladesh, September 8 [5]


The Solar Energy Revolution Everyone’s Ignoring… Is In Bangladesh, October 25 [6]

Bangladesh going solar in a big way, May 12 [7]

Climate disasters threaten Bangladesh’s social gains, January 22 [8]


Bangladesh sets new world record – five million high quality Compact fluorescent lamp Ws distributed to Bangladeshi homes, [9] July 26

Island's disappearance attributed to global warming, [10] March 25

"It is predicted that 18 percent of our coastal area will be submerged and 20 million people will be displaced. Are our political parties aware of these issues?" [11] March 25

Bangladesh, India: The Relationship Between Water Crisis And Migration, [12] by Rezwan, February 19. Sowmya Suryanarayanan at Strategic Foresight opines that the lack of freshwater resources in Bangladesh “is a massive threat and will remain a primary reason for cross border migration in the future.”


An ordinary citizen highlights the crusade of some local media to save the rivers of Dhaka from pollution, [13] September 21

2009 SEED Award Winners, [14] May 12

"Solar conversion of traditional kerosene hurricane lamps". A national NGO in partnership with a local NGO and a cooperative have developed an innovative device called "SuryaHurricane", a low-cost solar lantern made from recycled parts of the conventional and much used kerosene lantern.

"Generating local economy through regenerating local resources". A cooperation between a national NGO, a research institution and a small-sized business aims to avoid bio-diversity losses and degradation of the agricultural lands, by recycling waste from rice-growing for the production of cement that will be used in the production of low cost housing materials.

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