This is a generic class attribution template, for pages that have been developed or improved through service learning work.

Usage[edit source]

To include this box in your page, just copy and paste the following (including brackets) code into your class pages:

{{Attrib class| CLASS NAME | CLASS END DATE}}

replacing the parameters with suitable values, for example:

{{Attrib class| JMC330 | 26 May 2010}}

...which would display as:

Automatic application[edit source]

The bot ChriswaterguyBot is used to remove "inprogress" tags and replace them with this template. This is necessary so that the notices restricting editing are removed, and so that semi-automated tasks (such as wikilinking and categorizing, by users using AutoWikiBrowser, or by a bot such as ChriswaterguyBot) can be carried out on these pages.

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