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Template documentation[edit source]

This is a template to go on pages including information from AfriGadget. The ported page may change significantly, but this template should remain on the page as long as there is something recognizable left from the original.

Note there is an extra parameter, author, compared to the other attribution templates. This is because this blog has more than one author, and this template specifies which it is. It's best to use the external link for the name - see example below. (Handy tip: When you convert from HTML to MediaWiki, the text you need for the url and author fields are at the top of the specific post you are using.

To use this template include, in your page above categories, the following line:

{{Attrib afrigadget
|url =
|author =

replacing "XXX" with the url for the blog post you are using. E.g.

{{Attrib afrigadget
|url = http://www.afrigadget.com/2009/09/23/re-using-plastic-containers-in-kenya/
|author = [http://www.afrigadget.com/author/paula/ Paula Kahumbu]