Template documentation[edit source]

This is a template to go on pages including information from any open content source. (Some sources which are often used on Appropedia have their own template - these are found at Category:Attribution templates.)

The ported page may change significantly, but this template should remain on the page as long as there is something recognizable left from the original.

Usage[edit source]

There are three parameters which must be included, in the form url=... etc. (The order is not important.) The parameters are:

  • url = the web address of the specific used.
  • author = the writer of the content. In some cases (such as a wiki, or where the author name is not obvious) it may be suitable to use the name (not the address) of the website), e.g. wikiHow, or Fred's Blog.
  • license = the license for the website, preferably expressed as a link, with the same url used in the source page. If you're confused about the link, a raw url is acceptable. The only acceptable license types here are CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, or public domain. These are the only licenses (strictly speaking, public domain is a lack of license, but you get the idea) which allow reuse by Appropedia - anything under an incompatible license which is added here is a copright violation and, sadly, must be removed.

To use this template include, in your page above categories, the following line:


|url = http://www.urbansprout.co.za/population_growth_has_no_relation_to_global_warming
|author = Ahmed
|license = [http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/za/ CC-BY-SA]