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This is the bold middot template, it looks like this: " · ".

It works similarly to the html+wiki markup sequence " '''·''' ". That is, a W, a bolded middot and a normal space.

{{dot}} redirects here and can be used as an alternative name for this template.

Editors usually use this template for dotted lists, such as for link lists in navigation boxes. (For lists that have a font-size 80% or less of normal font-size, the bold middot "·" becomes too small. Then use the bullet "•" instead.)

Use this template when you want something smaller than a bullet "•", ndash "–" or mdash "—".

For more information, see the W.

Dot size reference list[edit source]

· <small> middot
· middot
· <small> bold middot
· bold middot
<small> bullet
bold bullet

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