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Talk:Zane Middle School triangle of life

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  • background needs to have your team name and appropedia links to each of your members pages
  • explain in the criteria section how you came to your constraints example: interviews, brainstorming sessions
  • description of final project section needs some more detail about what was used
  • try adding a gallery of photos for the description section, photos should be readable with captions
  • Put a final solution photo at the top of page
  • cost of maintenance table should have more detail example) ground-cover replacement
  • the cost section should have an introductory paragraph before tables
  • add a caption to the bottom of design hours figure
  • put the how to build into a table format, look at past projects done and copy a template that you like
  • the description of final project section should also have a how to use table similar to the one for how to build
  • continue working hard and finish up the discussion section, your section 5 will help write this