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Talk:Zane Middle School interactive watershed

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Hello, You guys do not have a lot on here yet so I do not have that many comments. The first if to add a statement like "this section is being worked on" to any section that is not completed yet. The section heading should be all capitalized not half and half, be consistent with capitalization and formatting. Don't forget to add all your names and links to your personal appropedia pages at the bottom of the page with a link to it at the beginning of the page, something like "the group members (link)" . Do not use ' in your problem statement section instead use feet, this is more clear for everyday readers. Try to add to your background and abstract a bit more detail. Remember not to talk about anything till it is described. Finally try to remember that this is being written for someone who has no idea about this project, this class, or even what an interactive watershed is. Really try to keep up on this page so you are not stuck doing a lot at the end of the semester. Why does your link for the appropedia page not take me directly here, please fix that.