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done by: Michael Kumpula


"Melt extrusion well known in the polymer industry and due to its success is being expanded to others, most notably pharmaceutical manufacturing[1] and food processing, as such represents an opportunity to increase material and energy efficiency." - Clean up shorten the sentance and grammar in this sentance.

Benefits of Process:

Include only the benefits of the process in this section and keep the process itself in the previous section

Specific Processes:

Either go into more depth over each process or neglect to include them.

Energy and Efficiency:

Make sure to properly cite

Inclue facts and stats as to how much it is energy efficient.

Include more technical information regarding the process rather than just generic processes.

Possibly the spec of a real extrusion machine or process for example.


Watch out for run-on sentances and the use of commas in the right places.

Also somewhat applies to the rest of the writing in the page.


Include more references, will help to expand on topics.

Refer to Figures in text if they are included in the page. Make Figures more prominent as they are detailed diagrams.

ref and quant efficiency gains[edit]

--Joshua 13:36, 20 November 2009 (UTC)