Check out Aztech's In-Home Display unit.

--Krystal 04:02, 11 February 2010 (UTC)

Hey, looks good to me. I didn't really notice any spelling mistakes or awkward wording. Great presentation of your ECM. See the discussion on your file page for inputs about your ECM excel file.


File Page?? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh - click on the file, then there is a great discussion- thanks!


Page Review[edit source]

Overall[edit source]

The page presents itself very well. It looks professional and well thought out. the simplicity of the technology is also very attractive, and the low cost combined with the high potential for savings is huge.

intro[edit source]

It would be a good idea to reference some $$'s in your intro, as this is what will initially sell most people interested in this technology. Giving a brief idea of savings per year would make people much more interested in reading the rest of the page.

analysis of monitoring systems[edit source]

the table used here is a very good way of quickly and effectively comparing the different options, and the relatively low costs are very enticing. you only recommend a product for a small business- what would you recommend for a large business or residential settings??

benefits[edit source]

these benefits are obviously large, however you really need to stress that for any benefits to be seen the user has to have personal incentive to reduce their power usage. you mention that in fixed utilities situations, why would this be any different in a business where the majority of employees also have no personal incentive to reduce power usage other then environmental concerns? lots of people know that the should reduce their energy usage but make no real effort to do so because of a lack of personal incentive.

limitations[edit source]

again, lack of personal incentive in many situations has not been adressed. I feel that this technology would be much more beneficial in residential settings where the user has much more control over energy use, as well as much more personal incentive to reduce power consumption.

conservation methods[edit source]

the energy conservation methods you put links to (the greenIT page) all have other costs associated with them... are these costs accounted for anywhere?? if not then your savings are very misleading.

--Mike Saunders 19:37, 11 February 2010 (UTC)