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Comments[edit source]

  • General
-Check spelling, grammar, capitalization...
  • Construction & Installation
-Separate materials and tools
-Total cost of materials
  • Engineering Principles
-Is steady state really a valid assumption, or should it be that the greenhouse is maintained at a constant temperature
-Show how the equation: AU(To-Ti)+CairΦρair(To-Ti )+βS+Q=0 relates to the energy balance (eg. Qsun = ...)
-Make sure all you explain what all the variables are

Suggestions[edit source]

  • Suggestion:

-Are there other affordable materials that can be accessed cheaply or freely?

I would suggest the website [1] or the website craiglist [2] to find used windows or window glass that can be used instead of the plastic film.

I am in the process of building a much larger greenhouse myself using several windows I got free on and windows I bought for a low price at a local auction.

I am also using repurposed items from my workplace which would have gone in the landfill had we not brought them home. comment by Nightowl223, 8 February 2011.