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Talk:Acoustic Damping using Polyurethane/Polymer Composites

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Overall your page has very good and interesting content and it appears as you are on the right track. I looked over your page thoroughly and i have a few suggestions.

  1. I recomend that you give the information about the polymers its own section ( move it out of the polyerethane section ), this will help the flow clarity of your page
  2. The economics section should be expanded upon, possibly giving raw data or providing a source which shows that the macro-porous polymer is a better cost option.
  3. The economics and "reducing volume" both talk about the efficiency and beter economics of the polymer. These two should also maybe be sectioned off; this will help the flow of our page by providing a conclusion and purpose to your article.
  4. It would also be beneficial if you could provide for details on the polyurethane foam
  • Provide a link for the diols, polydols and diisocyanate to allow the reader to see what these materials are
  • also greater discussion on the porosit of polymers would be helpfull

Currently, the main issue with your page is the layout and organisation. The content is quite strong. I would suggest that you provide some more sources and gather more raw data to defend your points if possible.

I would be happy to look over your page again before the final due date



beef up 3.6[edit]

--Joshua 13:27, 20 November 2009 (UTC)