Transition Handbook removed temporarily

We apologize that The Transition Handbook has been removed from Appropedia for now while Appropedia and the publishers and author of The Transition Handbook work out some licensing questions. We hope to settle these questions later in 2009 so that you can again contribute to the 2nd edition of the book.

If, as we expect, the license will be different from Appropedia's default license, we will attempt to contact those of you who have already made contributions, for permission to use them under the new license for this project.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Transition Handbook
Table of Contents
Part 1: The Head
Chapter 1: Peak oil
Chapter 2: The view
Chapter 3: Resilience
Chapter 4: Small is inevitable
Chapter 4b: The credit crunch
Part 1 Summary
Part 2: The Heart
Chapter 5: How it affects us
Chapter 6: Psychology
Chapter 7: Positive vision
Chapter 8: Vision for 2030
Chapter 9: Kinsale
Part 2 Summary
Part 3: The Hands
Chapter 10: Transition concept
Chapter 11: How to start
Chapter 11 (B): How to start (B)
Chapter 12: First year of Totnes
Chapter 13: Viral speed
Chapter 14: Transition abroad
Some closing thoughts
Recent changes
Comments & questions