The Transition Handbook
Table of Contents
Part 1: The Head
Chapter 1: Peak oil
Chapter 2: The view
Chapter 3: Resilience
Chapter 4: Small is inevitable
Chapter 4b: The credit crunch
Part 1 Summary
Part 2: The Heart
Chapter 5: How it affects us
Chapter 6: Psychology
Chapter 7: Positive vision
Chapter 8: Vision for 2030
Chapter 9: Kinsale
Part 2 Summary
Part 3: The Hands
Chapter 10: Transition concept
Chapter 11: How to start
Chapter 11 (B): How to start (B)
Chapter 12: First year of Totnes
Chapter 13: Viral speed
Chapter 14: Transition abroad
Some closing thoughts
Recent changes
Comments & questions

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Part 1: The Head - Why Peak Oil and Climate Change Mean Small is Inevitable

Chapter 1: Peak Oil and Climate Change - The Two Great Oversights of Our Times

  • What is Peak Oil?
  • Some Key Indications That We Are Nearing The Peak.
  • Peak When? Climate Change.
  • The Greenhouse Effect.
  • Is There Such a Thing as a Safe Limit?
  • The Intertwining of Peak Oil and Climate Change.
  • Can Peak Oil Engage People More Effectively Than Climate Change?
  • The Contradictions of the Hirsch Report.

Chapter 2: The View From the Mountain-top

  • Evaluating possible ways forward.
  • Why a Future With Less Energy Ends Up Looking Somewhat Inevitable.
  • Why 'Energy Descent'?

Chapter 3: Why Rebuilding Resilience is as Important as Cutting Carbon Emissions

  • What is Resilience?
  • The Three Ingredients of a Resilient System.
  • Life Before Oil Wasn't All Bad.
  • The Cake Analogy.
  • Echoes of a Resilient Past.
  • Can we Learn Anything Useful from Britain's Last 'Wartime Mobilisation'?

Chapter 4: Why Small is Inevitable

  • Relocalisation.
  • The Dangers of Clinging to the Illusion of Large Scale.
  • Top-down or Bottom-up?
  • Where Does the Government Fit In?

Chapter 4b: The Credit Crunch

  • A New Chapter on the Credit Crunch - Dive in!

Summing up Part 1: The Oil Age Draws to a Close

Part 2: The Heart - Why Having a Positive Vision is Crucial

Chapter 5: How Peak Oil and Climate Change Affect us - 'Post-Petroleum Stress Disorder'

  • Clammy Palms or Nausea and Mild Palpitations
  • A Sense of Bewilderment and Unreality
  • An Irrational Grasping at Unfeasible Solutions
  • Fear
  • Outbreaks of nihilism and/or survivalism
  • Denial
  • Exuberant optimism
  • The 'I always told you so' syndrome

Chapter 6: Understanding the Psychology of Change

  • An interview with Dr Chris Johnstone
  • The FRAMES model

Chapter 7: Harnessing the power of a positive vision

  • Why visions work.
  • Captain Future - the wizard of science.
  • Visions of abundance.

Chapter 8: A vision for 2030 - looking back over the transition

  • Food and farming
  • Medicine and health
  • Education
  • Economy
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Housing

Chapter 9: Kinsale - a first attempt at community visioning

  • The Kinsale Energy Descent Action and how it came about.
  • Four lessons from the Kinsale Project.
  • Reflections on the Kinsale process.
  • What's happening now in Kinsale?

Summing up Part 2

Part 3: The Hands - Moving from ideas to action: exploring the Transition model for inspiring local resilience-building

Chapter 10: The Transition concept

  • The philosophical underpinnings.
  • Six principles that underpin the Transition model.
  • The Project Support Project concept.
  • Issues of scale.
  • The interface between Transition Initiatives and local politics.

Chapter 11 (A): How to start a Transition Initiative

  • The seven 'Buts'.
  • The Twelve Steps of Transition.

Chapter 11 (B): How to start a Transition Town Note: history section needs to be moved to other TTH articles, other info from Wikiversity -Environmental community building needs to be added and spread over articles, [Instructables -Environmental living info too needs to be taken up and spread over articles. UK initiatives need to be grouped and other initiatives (eg Auroville, ...) mentioned.

  • Elements of building a town

Chapter 12: The First Year of Transition Town Totnes

  • First, a bit of background
  • Then, a bit of prehistory

Chapter 13: The Viral Speed of the Transition Concept in the UK

  • Transition Penwith.
  • Transition Falmouth.
  • Transition Town Lewes.
  • Transition Ottery St Mary.
  • Transition Bristol.
  • Transition Town Brixton.
  • Transition Forest of Dean
  • Transition BH: A Hub for Local Initiatives Within a Large Suburban Sprawl

Chapter 14: Transition Abroad

Some closing thoughts


Appendix 1: The Oil Depletion


Appendix 2: John Croft's 'Four stages that any project will go through'

Appendix 3: Assignment Sheet - Energy Descent Action Plan

Appendix 4: The Energy Descent Action Plan Process

Appendix 5: How to Become a Transition


Appendix 6: A Sample Press Release

Appendix 7: Transition Training