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SDG09 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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Sustainable Development Goal 09: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Appropedia projects contributing to this SDG[edit]

Speed Brace Print Finished.jpg
The purpose of this tool is to quickly remove fasteners after they have been broken loose using a breaker bar or ratchet. This tool is meant to be used with 1/2" drive sockets.
Winnowing is a process to remove lighter particles of chaff, dirt, etc from grain and other products typically by throwing it into the air and blowing air on it.
A customizable open-source PV racking concept is designed, prototyped for three types of modules, constructed into systems, and outdoor tested under extreme conditions for one year. An economic analysis is provided along with a technical evaluation of the system.
A low-cost 3-D printable open source dual axis gimbal system is presented in this study. An Arduino based microcontroller is used to move the sample holder to the user specified angle where two stepper motors control the motion providing two degrees of freedom.
In order to ensure appropriate spacing and well oriented array these open-source photovoltaic spacers can be printed. The design has been created to be parametric in OpenSCAD so this design can be used for any conventional array.
This is a solar charger or an emergency light. It runs on a 6660 mAh battery.
Small Bike seat and seat post that can be used to replace an original bike seat.
Carpenter knife
This project was to replicate the already produced gravity light into the 3D Printed and open source world.
No image.svg
Step by step instructions for how to build a solar water condenser out of a large drum/barrel. Also has step by step instructions for how to build a solar water condenser that is left unattended for extended periods of time.
This OSAT makes biking safer by providing a cheap, easy, adjustable way to mount a mirror to the handlebars of a bicycle.
This is a twisted tent stake designed for use in more challenging soil types.
No image.svg
Plasmonic light trapping technology increases the ability and effectiveness of a thin film solar cell to absorp more light and light from a larger spectrum. Article includes links to more detailed websites on this topic and also links to other appropedia sites that have to do with solar technology.
No image.svg
Amorphous silicon is a non-crystalline allotropic form of silicon that is bonded tetrahedrally. Amorphous silicon is a solar cell technology that has a high absorption coefficient but these solar cells can be instable when light hits the material.
No image.svg
A solar refrigerator directly uses the sun's heat to run the refrigeration process and can have many uses.
Engraver mod on the Athena II printer allows you to engrave various designs on acrylic sheets, plexiglass, cardboard and/or wooden surfaces.
No image.svg
Aurora Solar Software is a solar design software that allows for the remote design of solar projects, estimate energy production and utility bill savings, and offer different financing scenarios using some special features such as consumption profile estimations, shading analysis, performance simulations and much more.
This Effector for a column delta printer, like the MOST delta RepRap allows different hotend nozzle sizes to be used
Bamboo joint 1.jpg
This is a Bamboo Joint model that can be used in building bamboo houses, rooms or any sort of suspended pavilions.
BasicTentStake angleview.jpg
A simple tent stake.
No image.svg
Two Humboldt State University students designed and built a solar dehydrator for the Bayside Park Farm in Arcata,CA. This project was based on a set of constraints and criteria. Prototypes were made and tested before a final design was decided upon.
Sugar water bee feeder
Quee Rearing Parts.png
A queen rearing kit allows the beekeeper to properly breed more queens to maintain their hive.
Bicycle Brake Caliper Print.jpg
Brake Calipers are an important component required to build a bicycle.
The hub profile was modeled in FreeCad, rotated around the axle, then sliced with slicer and printed on a MOST-Delta Printer.
OSAT bike rack finished.JPG
An affordable 3D printable cargo rack was designed for hauling goods or personal items
IMG 20161203 012251133.jpg
This design can be printed to produce a bicycle chain (untested).
Chain Guard.jpg
This universal bike chain guard improves the safety of a bike for people who may not have access to a new bike or chain guard and is attached simply by string or a zip tie.
A customizable Bike Handlebar Plug designed using OpenSCAD.
IMG 5822.JPG
A Pelton wheel takes the kinetic energy and harvests it in two ways. It uses the static pressure to push the blades and then uses the added force due to the tangential acceleration of the water around the curve of the blade to harness more power out of the jet.
Final Pedal.jpg
This bike pedal is fully 3D printed and clips together around a bar/axle.
This part was designed to replace the original axle on my 2017 Raleigh Tokul 3 mountain bike, but could easily be modified to fit any "Thru" style bike axle.
No image.svg
Rear Bike rack
IMG 1480.JPG
3D printable design of the black mamba bicycle pedal.
IMG 4788.JPG
The proposed design utilizes a recycled bottle and cap (with a cap diameter equal to or greater than that of a 2L pop bottle) as a portable, durable platform for a high efficiency LED lighting system that is charged using a small solar panel
3D printable design for bow and hand drill fire set
Brake calliper1.JPG
3D printable design of the black mamba bicycle brake calliper.
IMG 20151208 095716637.jpg
Butterfly bicycle handlebars designed to fit 25.4 mm clamp.
No image.svg
This project is a solar charger designed and built by Humboldt State University students who are involved in the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT). Panels were placed on the roof and will be used to charge USB powered devices.
CNC Assembly Final.JPG
The goal of this design is to allow a lubrication and chip clearing module addition to a CNC router.
No image.svg
A large solar farm (250 MW) is proposed on the Carrizo Plain that will take up about 1,900 acres. This project will benefit the area with a renewable energy source and educational value from the public viewing areas, but may endanger some wildlife in the area as it is close to the Carrizo Plain National Monument that has a vast wildlife population. An EIR was released in 2010 addressing these issues.
3D printable caliper. Calipers are a useful tool because they provide a bit more accuracy than a standard ruler.
Can Opener3.jpeg
3D printable can opener (design must be modified to function)
JCS CarPorts.png
This product brings out car charging ports and makes it easier to plug in cables while driving.
Vent hanger.jpg
This is a device that clips into the heater vents for anyone who owns a car. For an example, this hanger can be used to dry out gloves or similar items after a day in the snow.
Rod in Bag.jpg
This page lays out the steps required to convert your current Delta Athena II printer to reduce the rattling of the connecting rods during printing.
IMG 8575.JPG
The pen will keep the canvas/notebook that they are using free from excess smudges where the charcoal would have made their hands messy.
3 stage communal water filter.png
Makala hii inahusika na uundaji wa mfumo wa kuchuja maji wa gharama nafuu sana. Uchujaji maji unaweza kufanyika kama kuna njia chache ama hakuna kabisa njia mbadala za kupata maji safi toka vyanzo vingine kama vile maji ya mvua, maji ya ardhini (na sio yatembeayo juu ya ardhi)
Geared clamp proto.jpg
By using a geared system, much more force can be placed on objects compared to an un-geared clamp.

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