Suma un Bosque is an initiative whose main purpose is the restoration of Cerro Tecana, located in the department of Santa Ana, in El Salvador.

''Suma un Bosque'' is an initiative, led by Un Lung Más in Cerro Tecana, which seeks the forest restoration of the area through the empowerment of the communities present around the hill. This is a Base Environmental Solution identified by the Acceleration Laboratory of the United Nations Development Program in El Salvador, within the framework of the Base Environmental Solutions Tour.

Type of solution

Ecosystem restoration.


The main objective of Suma Un Bosque is to get the community involved in the protection and restoration of the natural area known as Cerro Tecana, located in Santa Ana, El Salvador.

To this end, alliances have been consolidated with strategic actors for the execution of actions that incorporate the communities living in the area. These actions can be exemplified in: planting of native trees of the area for the restoration of the ecosystem, identification of the flora and fauna by the communities on the hill, the practice of "cascueleado" to maintain humidity in the territory, and, finally, training to the inhabitants on the native species that also inhabit the hill.

In addition to the above, Suma Un Bosque obtained a fund from the Global Landscape Forum for its sustainability.

One of the main activities developed by Un Lung Más for the sustainability of this project is the planting of trees, together with volunteers, in the surroundings of Cerro Tecana.

Is there any new practice that is immersed within this environmental solution?

  • Mainly, the cajueleado as a practice that seeks to generate humidity in the hill.
  • Agroforestry crops have also been generated.
  • Attempts have been made to plant fruit trees native to the area.

With Suma Un Bosque, the good management of the environmental indicators that the ecosystem has is sought with the goal of restoring Cerro Tecana.

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You can also visit the One More Lung organizational page.

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